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This system is for viewing Martin County, Florida Commission Email Records.

Martin County Commission and Administrator emails are displayed as part of the County’s commitment to communications transparency and as a service to citizens.

All email sent to and from Martin County Government is subject to the public record laws of the State of Florida.



NOTE:  In an effort to increase transparency the format for viewing emails on the website was updated on April 4th so the emails can be viewed from mobile devices and a variety web browsers.  All new email will be added to the new system.  Please visit the new page to continue to the new web client. 

County Commission and Administrator Emails

The old links below are still available to view the exsiting mail on the old system.  This system is not updated with recent email.

The old system will be retired and no longer available after August 1st, 2016

County Administrator Emails

County Commissioners Emails


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